Photos and Neckpieces

I’ve been developing some  neck piece ideas using delicate fabrics, old photos, pearls, silver and perspex.

IMG_4625fabric pendent and perfume bottlesThis is the finished neck piece which I decided to use as my publicity postcard for my degree show.

IMG_4719This work in progress features an old family photo of two children on a bike very cute.  I plan to string the pearls with pink silk to co-ordinate with the pink pearls and create a contemporary design with a vintage aesthetic.

Using silk and chiffon is tricky as it is so delicate especially when combining it with metal and plastics. I’m certainly developing more patience working with these materials!




This is another neckpiece in development. I’ve pressed formed silver sheet to create the oval shape. I’ve also soldered on silver wire posts then attached half drilled pink cultured pearls.  It’s finished now and it will be revealed at my Degree Show on the 16th May.


2 thoughts on “Photos and Neckpieces

  1. I love the teaser ending! I wonder if the pearls from Puri will make it into your degree show! Your pieces have such a delicate aesthetic which captures memories sensitively and intimately, an amazing development in style and technique over the year. Love it

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