Laser Etching Family Photos

I’ve had a lot of fun and frustration using the laser cutter!  After numerous samples using different types of acrylic I have had some success.

IMG_4528Continuing with the theme of a wedding ring and an old family photo I have etched the old photo and the shape of the ring into the acrylic.

IMG_4589I like the result, the image is very clear but getting it just right takes a bit of patience and lots of samples.

A3The finished piece is designed for the keepsake ring to be displayed rather than being hidden in a drawer. It can be worn as a necklace with or without the ring or the ring can be worn alone. The ring is easily removeable by sliding the small silver arm. It also looks attractive as a decorative object for the home.


4 thoughts on “Laser Etching Family Photos

  1. Always love seeing your work Sheila 🙂 this piece is really lovely…nostalgic yet utterly modern.
    I think the etching piece is adaptable too – I think these could be placed on gravestones (please don’t think I’m being morbid!! I’m not!) I think it’s a beautiful thing! Well done you! Your so beautifully talented 🙂 Ax xxx

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