Collars and Cuffs

Being inspired by vintage accessories and odd bits and pieces I visited a great little shop – “Gladrags” in Forfar.  It’s full of “interesting, unusual and quirky clothes, accessories and costume jewellery for a buyer looking for something different”. Doreen, the owner was so helpful and put together a bag of gloves, collars, lace, lingerie and ribbons for me to browse through.  Needless to say I went away with several lovely things.

I’ve been working on some design ideas for the shirt collars I bought.

IMG_3983I’ve drawn out a design and used the laser cutter to create the pattern here on brown paper.

IMG_3972This time I’ve used the starched white cotton collar.

IMG_3980The laser cutter didn’t cut through the cotton this time. I might try again with a different setting to see what happens. I like the bright blue printed name label on the inside of the collar.

The blue label inspired me to do a bit of “Cyanotype” or blueprinting at the weekend.

IMG_3984The sunny day yesterday helped the prints to turn out well.





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