Working with Gold

A friend gave me 2 gold rings that didn’t fit her and asked if I could make her a new gold ring.  I was keen to get started and melt down the gold. I used the DJCAD workshop and set to work.


I created a channel in a charcoal block and built some bricks around it to focus the heat onto the gold.

IMG_3604Once the gold had melted it look like a jelly bean!

IMG_3605IMG_3608I removed the flux before feeding the nugget through the rolling mill.

IMG_3609This is a gradual process and slowly the gold became a piece of square wire.  This was then flattened and hammered straight.

IMG_3610IMG_3611I formed the gold wire into two gold bands and I had an idea how to set a stone between the bands.  After speaking to my friend she decided she wanted a plain gold band so I spent a bit of time filing, sanding and polishing the ring for her.

IMG_3622I was pleased with my first gold ring and I’m happy to say that my friend was delighted with the result. The ring is now off to the Edinburgh Assay Office to be hallmarked. This is the first time I’ve had my maker’s mark on my jewellery so I’m excited to see it when it arrives back this week.


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