Personal Project

The project I’ve been working on recently has been about me looking into the personal room that is the Boudoir.  In my last post I displayed some images that have inspired me so far.  Further research led me into thinking about the fastening an clasps used on underwear such a hooks, lacing and buttons.

IMG_3375I started to look at collect a variety of interesting fastenings and began to explore how to make them in metal.

IMG_3370I played with the scale and using various gauges of wire used forging, wrapping and soldering to create my own creative fastenings.

IMG_3372I have also had the opportunity to try out some enamelling.

IMG_3369I prepared some metal shapes in advance and using the holes I had pre drilled I embellished the corset shape with some bridal elastic.

IMG_3367I have added wire stitching to the top right sample and some red flocking to the top left sample. It’s difficult to combine soldering and enamel due to the high temperature required for enamelling therefore other creative joining a fastening ideas need to be used.

Alongside all of this I’ve been working on the lotus flower design and thinking of using it to embellish some pieces.  I’ll take some photos of what I’ve been up to and put them up here soon.


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