HackJam Competition Entry

During the Critical Making Module last semester I took part in a two-day HackJam competition.   

“An International Design hackJam(Competition) that invites you to alter-manipulate-reshape-shape the future of identity management.”

Over the two competition days working in a team with: Angelia Santangeli, Katie Petrie, Lara Thornton and Alison Best we had a lot of fun developing our solution to the challenge of “ID AfterLife”. We had a mini class competition as an incentive and our team came second place and won a Costa voucher! We decided to enter the national competition and put together our entry which you can read below.

Our design solution is the production of a Living Book. The book is a collection of images, photos, letters etc that have been collected and saved by the individual who wishes to leave this legacy of images to their family and friends.
At an appropriate time during their live the individual can access the Live Love and Remember website to upload the images of their choice. Their videos, cine film, DVDs etc can be listed on the website as part of their legacy. These can then be used to create a living image in the Living Book using Augmented reality technology. This would be in the form of an App e.g. AR people.
The family of the deceased can access the Live Love and Remember website via a password to bring together the images, letter, photos and film footage of their own choice. These will then be made into their personal book of memories by the Live Love and Remember team.
Their Living Book can be personalised further by selecting a style, format, cover, etc on the website. The book is a high quality product that offers a modern personal solution to how we can manage our personal legacy.
The Live Love and Remember team feel the Living Book is something to treasure and keep the traditional book format alive.

The prototype website address is
– the website itself is accessible, but not functional at the moment.

The family of the deceased would need to download the AR people to operate the “Living Book”.

The information would be provided on the website.


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