Ring Exchange Project

My brief was to design a ring around a theme from a selection.  I chose breavement as the theme as I felt it was something that I had experienced and I am drawn towards personal memories and feelings.

I made a visual mind map from my thoughts and feeling on the loss of my parents.


A significant part of this for me was the planting of a rose in my garden.  The rose is still blooming (in December) and has survived being dug up and moved to another spot in the garden.  The blooms are a gorgeous pale yellow.

Looking at the stages of grief as a process that we go through after a breavement, I realise that through time I have accepted the loss of my parents and have fond and happy memories of them.


I wanted to design my ring relfecting those happy memories and acceptance rather than a more morbid approach.

Developing the main idea:





diagram of ring


ring on hand

ring on fist

The rose relfects the bittersweet feelings of grief, the thorns – the sadness and the yellow rose, life and happiness.

The ring is to be made from silver wire and silver sheet with resin for the colour of the flower. I made a design board with materials required and directions on how to make the ring.  Alana has been selected to make it for me so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece to see if it turns out how I visualised it.


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