Medal Project

My project is to design an Art Medal around a political theme.  After some thinking I decided to look into the issue of the government refusing to ban pesticides in this country that are threatening our honey bee population.

“Evidence of pesticides harm to bees is now swarming. Yet more top-quality research shows current regulation is woefully inadequate in protecting the creatures that pollinate much of our food”


The Neonicotinoids are th pesticides that act on insects central nervous systems and are increasingly blamed for problems with bee colonies.  Neonicotinoids are taken up into every part of the plant which is treated with them including pollen and nectar.  Bees can absorb them and carry poison back to their hives or nests.

Chemical formula for the pesticide
I’ve used a range of materials and techniques to create various arrangements for the samples below.

Photoetched copper. saw pierced brass and cast pewter with a short poem:

“The whole fabric of honey bee society depends on communication – on an innate ability to send and receive messages, to encode and decode information”


Acrylic, brass, natural honey comb, cast pewter.

Acrylic, laser cut acrylic and cast pewter.

Pierced brass, natural honey comb and cast pewter.

Pierced brass, natural honeycomb cast in pewter and bee cast in pewter.

Photo etched and saw pierced copper, natural honeycomb cast in pewter.

These are my favourite designs and I am to select one and photo etch the chemical formula symbol on the reverse. I’m not sure how to attach all the pieces together but I’ll work that out in the workshop.


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