Research Project Continued

Here is an update to let you see the presentation for my research project as part of the module I’m doing. I’ve attached notes for each slide ( I haven’t worked out how to include a slide show with notes quite yet!). I hope you enjoy it.

2 Archive Collections

The jewellery designer I was researching is Lindsey Mann

Launched her own work in 2002

Some of her older collections – creates mixed media pieces by using printed anodized aluminium, silver and found objects.

My first impression of her work –was that it was interesting, colourful and I felt intrigued to find out more.

Her Inspiration – childhood memories, materials, fabrics, tools, machinery and found objects.

During a telephone conversation with Lindsey she said that she is still inspired by the same things and described her inspiration as

“The Kitchen Drawer”where you can find all sorts from every area of life.

She also uses materials that jog a memory and things that have a sense of fun, nothing too serious.

3 Current Work

Container range – use of silver and found objects. The button pieces do remind me of things that can be found lying around the house in odd places.

 At the moment Lindsey is working less as she now has a baby, but to market her work she uses:

  • Her website
  • Other websites – love dazzle
  • Gallery exhibitions such as “Spotlight” in bury St Edmunds at the moment.
  • Stocks galleries
  • Commissions
  • Craft Fayres – Origin

4 Publications

Own book – Coloured Aluminium Jewellery and work in –Non-Precious Jewellery andMixed Media Jewellery

She is currently developing a new range of aluminium jewellery and enjoying the chance to play around experimenting, so have a look at her website:

Lindsey also enjoys the teaching that she does and runs interesting courses:

Colouring aluminium and also beginners courses.

5 Special Project – Tools for Tricky Situations was exhibited in “Smile” exhibition.Here Lindsey’s inspiration has come from her father who is a collector of vintage machinery.This collection has a real sense of fun for example –

  • Make Yourself Heard Megaphone
  • Message Sending Device
  • Emergency Bubble Blowing Kit
  • Fan Brooch (to clear the air)
  • Tombola of Conversation Starters

I think you can appreciate that she has really had fun developing and making these pieces and she is a person that doesn’t like to take herself too seriously and see the light hearted side of life.

6 Idea Development

Once I had done some research I felt that I connected with Lindsey’s work as I also felt inspired by childhood memories, found objects and fabrics. I began by making a mood board.

I wanted to capture some childhood memories, colours and a general feel for the project. Lindsey’s work inspired me to work with aluminium.

I started to think about the cake tin filled with cake decorating bits and pieces. This was a tin I used as a child when baking cakes – Birthday Cakes. It still evokes memories, not only by seeing what’s in the tin but because of the lovely spicy, cakey aroma when it’s opened.

7 Imprinting

I continued to sample aluminium – imprints from photo etched brass samples. I continued with the lace theme from the birthday party cake frills etc.

8 Casting

I made use of the birthday cake candle holder and candles and tried out some casting in pewter.

9 Colouring aluminium

I started to experiment with colouring anodized aluminum.

Using masks, dip dying and Pro markers.

I also experimented with the sublimation printer using the special pre coated aluminium and sublimation paper, using vintage fabrics and wallpaper.

I really liked the ability aluminium has to be dyed in a variety of different ways giving vivid colours.

Lindsey Mann pioneered the use of sublimation printing within jewellery in 2004, making it possible to transfer original art onto metal.

I spoke to Lindsey about this and she asked if I had had any problems as she had problems with getting a pink tone to her work.  I explained that I had been printing on acrylic and she asked me about how that worked! I had some problems with some acrylic melting and changing shape.

I have learned about how aluminium can be coloured and manipulated, filed, drilled, cut and shaped.

10 Surfaces for Development

Here are some colured aluminium and metals that I used to develop my final piece. I wanted to create a fun, colourful piece.

As if baking a birthday cake:Combine a variety of select ingredients to suit different tastes, build different layers and decorate it. The final result will be unique.

11 Jewellery Designers

I continued to contextualize my work and found some interesting jewellery designers who work with aluminium. The colours are amazing.

12 Samples

Here are some of my samples using annodised aluminium. I have used plastic vintage knitting pins as a tube to support the layers of aluminium. I have learned how to make rivets with different materials.

13 Final Design

I decided on the green one and spent some time experimenting how I could include a recipe for Party Men!

14 The Final Design

Used sublimation printing to print the recipe onto acrylic.

Dyed aluminium, silver and old knitting pins to construct the piece in layers.

15 Final Design

I have enjoyed this project and in particular photo etching, colouring aluminium with dyes and using the sublimation printer. I found riveting the four layers of brooch together challenging. I am also interested to find out more about casting techniques and casting in different metals as I didn’t really like working with pewter.I feel I I have designed and made a piece that has a vintage tale with a contemporary edge and a sense of party fun.



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