Research Project

For my first project in Partnerships, Networks and Connections Module, I’ve been busy researching a jewellery designer called Lindsey Mann.  I wasn’t familiar with her work two weeks ago but after a bit of research I know a bit about her work. By researching another jewellery designer I’ll gain a deeper understanding of her design process and use this research to be inspired to design my own piece of jewellery.

She launched her jewellery in 2002. She uses aluminium, silver, mixed media and found objects, vintage plastics and old wallpapers. She is inspired by striking and subtle colours, textiles and printed pattern, home interiors, domestic crafts, collections of objects and childhood memories. After finding this out I realised why my tutor Chrissie gave me Lindsey Mann to research;  I’ve pretty much been inspired by the same things. It was really interesting for me to see how Lindsey interprets her inspiration into quirky jewellery and mini sculptures.

Collage Pendant

Long necklace

Crank No 78 with mobile play stand

Container Studs

Lindsey Mann has written a book, Design and Make Coloured Aluminium Jewellery.  It a wonderful practical book and gives lots of information for anyone interested in working with anodised aluminium.

My research began by a google search and then a discovery of her book.  I considered the variety of pieces she has made and what inspires her to develop a mood board.

I enjoyed the process of doing this as it gave me time to consider my own inspiration, colours and other jewellery designers that I felt used similar inspiration or worked with similar materials.

I began to think about memories and looked at vintage fabrics, lace (similar to lace on a birthday cake frill), buttons, plastics including old knitting pins and birthday cake candle holders. I have an old cake tin filled with cake decorating stuff. I love the colours of the tin and the memories that the tine holds – making cakes and birthday cakes and decorating them. It was a special treat and great fun.

I like the metallic pattern on the cake frill so I decided to experiment with the rolling mill.

I also tried out some photo etching for the first time.

Photo etched brass and copper.

I sued the brass to imprint the etched pattern onto the annealed aluminium by putting the two metals through the rolling mill together.


I’ve also tried colouring anodized aluminium with dyes and using resists created some interesting patterns.

Another technique I have been experimenting with is casting.

The birthday candle holder and the cast in pewter

The cast straight from the mould

The casting process of the birthday candle.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll try out some more experiments, make up more samples and design a piece of jewellery from all my research.

I’ll keep you posted.


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