Critical Making

I’ve been given my team brief for Critical Making Module – The Body and Technology. I’m in team 7 with Beth Spowart,Tracy Smith, Qi Zhou and Douglas Phlug. I feel apprehensive but excited as I think it could be a lot of fun as well as hard work.

The theme we are investigating is “Security” and how we will deliver a design solution that develops and embodied response to the theme. As well as team working we have to keep a personal Reflective Practice Journal. We did a lot of brain storming and mind mapping and decided on three key ideas to research more:

A key ( or other small items such a s a bank card) that when lost, alters to become unusable.

Face recognition software for the front door of the home, (especially for the vulnerable)

Parent and child security alert bracelets, ( thinking of deaf or those with disabilities)

The next stage in the project is to investigate and prototype the ideas.  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.
In the meantime Chloe Henderson shared this brilliant ideas that she saw on Etsy, USB Typewriter have a look, it’s amazing, I would have loved one when I was growing up!


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