Creative Projects at the MACARA Group

Just an update on the MACARA Group’s progress!

We tried out using Resin for the first time. We used Epoxy Resin which comes in two parts. The two liquids have to be measured out very accurately by weight in the ratio of 100:40.  We carefully followed the instructions and made sure that we took all the safety measures needed whilst using the resin.  It was a messy business but the girls enjoyed mixing, (slowly to avoid making bubbles) and deciding what they could encase in their little resin shaped moulds. ( silicon ice-cube trays)  Mostly the choice was glitter but a few beads were used and some very small pieces of hand writing.

Hopefully the resin was weighed out accurately and the shapes will cure and set for the next group session. The next stage will be to smooth down the rough edges, and decide what to do with the glittery resin shapes!

I’ll find out tomorrow if the resin has set. Keep you fingers crossed till then.


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