Creative Projects

For the last few weeks I’ve been working with Dundee International Women’s Centre as an art worker for the MACARA Youth Group. The MACARA Group is a group of around 18 girls from 12 – 19 years of age. They meet every Thursday evening and as well as a social place to meet the group has been involved in a wide range of recreational and education activities.

The girls were keen to take part in arts and crafts workshops and through disscussions with the youth workers Dana and Gwendoline we planned some interesting sessions. The grouphave done quite a bit of crafts previously, so finding something new for them that stayed within budget was a challenge.

The workshops I delivered in Week 1 and 2 were – working with wire. DIWC is a really great centre with a dedicated Art Room for the group to use and they are lucky to have quite a bit of art materials to make use of too.They can also utilise the seating open area of the centre so everyone has plenty of space.
After a fun ice breaker I explained a few things about the pliers they were going to use, the  wire they were going to work with and a few simple wire techniques to make a ring, a brooch and earrings. I brought along some reference books and lots of wire work images for inspiration.The girls were keen to actually get hands on and it wasn’t too long before some interesting pieces were being made. The second week of wire work gave the girls time to either complete their pieces or experiment with new ideas.

By the end of the second session the girls had fun playing with the wire & beads and together with a little help from myself they were pleased with their pieces they had created.

Here are some of the pieces the girls made during the session. I think it is amazing what they have achieved in a really short time especially when for most of the girls this is their first time using wire.

The next 2 weeks we will be working with resin so I’ll post more about it soon.


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