A Little Trinket

I’ve been in Leigh on Sea visiting my mother-in-law and I found this lovely victorian silver button hook in a second hand shop there. My mother-in-law told me that her mother had one just like it, she used it to fasten the buttons on her boots. I like little trinkets like this but I usually don’t have the money to spend when I see one I really like, but this time I was lucky.

Some little jewellery pouches I’ve been sampling. I’m not sure if I’ve got a style that is quite right yet but at least I’ve got a few ideas to work with.

Silver earrings for my friend.

My collection of jewellery and trinkets that belonged to my Mum. I’ve had them for a long time and only recently put them together in this frame, so instead of being hidden away in an old box they are on display. Some of them have wee stories linked to them, creating lovely memories for me. The gold heart was a gift to my Mum from my Dad for her 21st Birthday and it still has a photo of them together in it.

Do you any trinkets that you have on display or hidden away? Let me know I’d love to hear from you.


One thought on “A Little Trinket

  1. it’s nice to see you looking at handmaking your own packaging for jewellery.
    the little lacy pieces look intriguing, a bit unfinished, but it looks like you’ve come up with a unique design that works will with your work.
    oh and the little heart earrings are so cute!

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