A Short Break in Spain

I’ve just returned from a short break in Spain. I was visiting my cousin and his wife who moved there to live 4 years ago. They live in Macisvenda, a small rural village 45 minutes inland from Alicante. The weather was fantastic, 35 degrees or so every day and lovely blue skies.

We toured around a bit and visited nearby towns and villages.  One of the place we visited was Novelda where we went to see The Casa-Museo Modernista. It’s a Spanish house decorated in Art Nouveau style. It was lovely to walk through the house and view the gorgeous decor, furnishings and artifacts. I really liked the spiral staircase winding up to the stained glass window in the ceiling.

The floors were also beautiful, colourful mosaic tiles in most of the rooms.

The lighting in the house were particularly lovely.

There were lots of posters like this one around the house which I really liked.

The house had its own courtyard, a beautiful open area with marble floors,pillars, plants and doorways leading to other areas of the house including its own chapel.

All in all it was a really lovely and interesting place to visit and it was free to get in!


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