DJCAD Degree Show 2012- Jewellery and Metal Design

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog and there’s no reason really apart from catching up with my life!  Since finishing 2nd year we were working at Uni helping the final year students paint the degree show space and helping our assigned 4th year with whatever jobs they needed help with.

Some of my colleagues painting the space for the degree show, (some mucking about!)

I took the opportunity to work as a guide at the Associates Evening at Duncan of Jordanstone  on Thursday 17th May. My job was to point the invited guests in the correct direction for the opening speeches and ceremony (my claim to fame being that I directed Lorraine Kelly) then be a guide around the show for whoever wanted to be shown round.  I struck lucky because the couple I showed around wanted to see the Jewellery and Metal Design then Textile Design both of which I knew a bit about.  It was my first chance to see the Jewellery and Metal Design space completed with all the students work in place.  It looked fantastic. Each student had an area of the room which included wall space and plinths but each was individually displayed.  the couple I showed round wanted to chat to all of the students and were really interested in all their work and the inspiration behind their designs.

The 4th years exhibiting:

Frances Andrews  Elizabeth Armour  Sana Aziz  Nuno Borges Colette Brown  Mairi Burrow  Georgina Cockerill  Scarlett Erskine  Leanne Evans  Sally Fenton  Jennifer Ho  Mairi Johnstone  Janna Macdonald  Natalia Mazur  Jane McAlinden  Karen Smith  Suzanne Plunkett  Rebecca White.

Some of the images I took from the Degree show.

Scarlett Erskine

Rebecca White

Elizabeth Armour

Sally Fenton

Leanne Evans

Jennifer Ho

Mairi Burrow

Mairi Johnstone

For more information about all of the 4th year Jewellery Students and the fabulous work they are doing go to


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