“F” is for Fundraising

My friend Anglea ( from Technotots Nursery ) invited me to attend a charity lunch in aid of Scottish Spina Bifida Scotland.  It was the Gordon Ramsay Ladies Who give an F fundraising appeal.

My invite was at the last-minute but I knew it would be a great afternoon and a chance to support the charity. It was held in Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort, on Saturday afternoon.

There was plenty of entertainment, food and drinks and of course an opportunity to spend money on raffle tickets, cocktails, bid for all sorts of goodies in the auction and take part in party games. One of Gordon Ramsay’s chef jacket raised £100 at the auction. The live music was provided by Tin Tin and got everyone up dancing and having fun. It was a great afternoon and I had a chance to really relax and enjoy myself.

Gordon Ramsay couldn’t make it on Saturday but if I’m not mistaken the afternoon raised around £7,000! Let’s hope he can make it next year and help raise even more cash for Scottish Spina Bifida.




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