Big Cat Textiles

I’ve just got home from a trip to Newburgh in Fife to the Big Cat Textiles Studio opening.  I received a lovely invite through the post a couple of weeks ago and just decided today to go along to see what it was like. I’m really glad I did. What a great place it is. The entrance is lovely and welcoming with freshly potted plants, bunting, a log wood pile and bits of textile art on display.

The first exhibition I browsed round was textile art by the tutors from the centre. Several lovely colourful wall hangings, stitched and felted adorned the walls and the staircase. Jeanette’s work (the owner of the studio) is showcased in her own exhibition which takes the viewer into the world of the work of the tailor, highlighting traditional hand-made techniques. An abundance of beautifully made garment samples, patterns, vintage sewing patterns and threads transported the viewer back in time. I felt nostalgic and I was intrigued by the pieces on display, how they had been made, what materials had been used and the workmanship involved.

Here’s some examples of the pieces in the display.

Through in the next room of the studio there was great live music and a vast array of crafts, mixed media, retro and nostalgic items for sale. It was a real a real Aladdin’s Cave for someone like me.

Some student’s work was on display too. I loved the look of the hats and it was all so well presented!

There were so many tempting thing to buy but eventually I made a selection –

I’m sure I’ll find room to keep it amongst my accumulation of “stuff” and hopefully it’ll all come in useful before too long!

The Big Cat Studio is holding untutored drop in sessions on the last Sunday of each month starting from April 29th. You can bring along unfinished work or work you would like to develop amongst others in the studio on the day. The Studio also has an extensive summer school programme. I would love to take part in the Vintage Sewing 5 day workshop and I’ll certainly give it some thought. Take a look for yourself, you’ll not be disappointed especially if you’re into textiles.


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