I like to Make rather than Draw

It has been interesting being part of a social network online group with Slovenian (and Texan) students. I was hoping to develop my project on cultural identity. This project was investigated and developed the idea of childhood games, play and the language and songs that were all part of the way we grew up in Scotland. So far it hasn’t been easy to obtain information from the Slovenian students around this theme. Further research into Slovenia led me to start looking at traditional crafts.  It’s been interesting what I’ve found out so far about lace making and bee-keeping!

I’ve been experimenting with some techniques to develop ideas for the Brooch I will be designing and making. The Brooch is to be a finished, functional brooch which represents Slovenian Culture so I’ve taken the shapes and colours from beekeeping images and developed some samples.

I like to make a few individual pieces then experiment how they look placed in different ways.

I also find it easy to make up a quick sample in binding wire to give an impression of what a piece could look like. I prefer to draw in wire than with a pencil!

I used acid solution to etch out this pattern.

I like the subtle pattern on this fine wire mesh I created by feeding the mesh through the rolling mill with a shape cut out of brass sheet.

I really like the look of knitting so I had another go at using the knitting machine to see what I could come up with.  I incorporated lurex with cotton yarn and created some holes.

That’s a flavour of what I’ve been up to for the Border Crossings Project 3.  I’ve got lots still to do and I’ll post more pics when I’ve got a few more to show you.


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