Saturday Brunch

Saturday Brunch

I had a nice impromptu trip to St Andrews this morning. My husband dropped off me and my sister for a couple of hours while he went off to do some work at his office in Ladybank.

St Andrews is an interesting wee town to stroll around with loads of cafes and eateries to suit all tastes.  The shops have become quite up-market, a few new ones have popped up since I was there just before Christmas.

One cafe/deli I particularly like is Mitchell’s in Market Street.  It’s got a great well stocked deli selling a wide variety of high quality local produce, a great menu with food that is extra delicious! It’s been busy every time I’ve been and if there’s no table available a member of staff takes your mobile number and calls you when one is free, so you can do a bit more shopping then come back when you are even more hungry, how cool is that!

The atmosphere is relaxed, the decor is contemporary with a quirky/vintage feel, sort of like a warehouse/storage room look. (you’ll have to go to see what I mean) Your tea is brought to you in teapots with tea cosys and the cutlery stored in “Tate & Lyle Syrup” tins.

I ordered Eggs Benedict, (free range eggs of course) it was delicious. Hand-made notices made from brown paper and comments cards are strung up on a big blackboard along with other menus and special offers.The staff are attentive and very polite which is always good. I think the whole experience is great and has been well planned and designed to give the customer a memorable eating experience.

I hope the photos capture the feel of the place. Sorry there’s no pictures of the actual restaurant area but have a look at the gallery on Mitchell’s website for yourself.


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