Rhino 3D Design & Haptic Technology

I’ve been learning how to use Rhino 3D, a computer programme to design jewellery this week.  I didn’t find this particularly easy but I can see the potential in it. I just need to practice, lots! I worked through lots of tutorials and produced a few basic designs.

I also had a go at the latest machine, Cloud 9, which uses Haptic Technology (below)

The sphere on the right of the screen there is a “Falcon Haptic Arm” like a big mouse but when you use it you can actually feel as if you are touching the 3D image on the screen. The technology was designed for serious gamers but we jewellers have discovered it and are adopting it as ours!

This piece of kit below is the 3D printer. I’d heard of 3D printers but hadn’t seen one up till now. It prints out in white plastic. The plastic is on a spool and the size of the green bed limits the size of what can be printed in 3D.

A design Sandra has been trialing.

I’m sure we’ll have them at home in the not too distant future.

I’m designing a brooch tomorrow using Rhino 3D, wish me luck!


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