Styles Tribes

Style Tribes

I took part in a workshop led by Kate and Lisa where, in a group I was analysing Style Tribes. These are groups of people who follow certain trends, looks, have similar interests and dress in a similar way. Most of the Style Tribes were new to me e.g. “Lolita”, Pin Up”, “Cyber Goth”, “Tribal” but I was familiar with one of two such as “Hippie” and Emo”. After studying the images we were given I had a better idea of what the more unfamiliar Style Tribes were all about. We then had to think about how we could reach out to these Tribes, how we could promote and sell our product to them. It’s important as a designer to understand our market, work out who our products are for, who our customers are and how to reach them. To help with this we were asked to define our own Style Tribe. I found this a bit tricky to start with but treated it as an experiment to see what I could come up with. Once I got into it I thought it was good fun and a worthwhile way to learn how to understand your client and how better to promote to them. It’s a tool I will continue to use to help plan and develop my business.

Below is my Style Tribe.

Style Tribe: Forever 45

Age/Sex: Female, 45 +

Occupation: Managerial, Professional

Style/Look: Smart but stylish, more casual for weekends, treat yourself, well-groomed, Phase Eight, Hobbs, Monsoon, Jigsaw, LK Bennett, Anthropologie.

Interests: Fine things in life, travel, home interiors, theatre, wine tasting, cocktails, eating out, entertaining at home, charity events, spa days, sports clubs, anti-ageing, beauty products.

Trends: Short Breaks, Coffee and Cake, Fresh flowers, Candles, Day at the races, Car launch events, Grand Prix, Woman & Home, Vogue, Country Living, Grown-up children.

Celebrities/Icons: Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada, Davina McColl, Amanda Redman, Helen Mirren, Lorraine Kelly, Jackie Bird.

Can you picture my Style Tribe?


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