Border Crossings – Development

As you know I’ve been trying out lots of textile techniques lately and I’ve been working on ideas for my project on Cultural Identity. I see cultural identity as traditions, customs and practiceses that affect a person and it is important to know who we are.  I am interested in the memories of childhood play – toys, games, songs and rhymes and the language used in socialising and instilling values and traditions. Also the memories and skills of crafts such as knitting, sewing and crocheting.

I watched a video – “The Singing Street”, National Library of Scotland which initially gave me inspiration. The video was before my time but some of the songs and the games were games that I played and I still remember the words to the songs and rhymes. I certainly played outside a lot when I was a wee girl – skipping, elastics, hopscotch, swapping scraps and playing doublers (two tennis balls) and in the winter spent my time making things, it didn’t really matter what, probably something that needed an empty washing up liquid bottle, Cornflake packet or some bits of material (I always watched Blue Peter!) Watch it and let me know what you think.

Some more inspiration

Inspiration and samples:

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