The Back of the Napkin

I took part in a workshop last week were Christine Kingsley took us through a process where we looked at how to improve our visual thinking and how to solve problems using pictures.  Christine used an activities in the book by Dan Roam – The Back of the Napkin. We started off with the Back of the Napkin activity. This was a fast activity – the “SQVID”- 5 questions were used to help us open up our mind’s eye and draw the apple in multiple ways and  most importantly the best way to show it others, what visual message we would like to convey to our audience.

In preparation for a class trip to Edinburgh Zoo to “People Watch”  (people watching the animals) we took part in a small group activity to draw a “new” creature and made up a persona for the creature. We then considered what we wanted to know about our creature, how we would find out the information and how we would record and show the information that was important. I’ve now starting thinking about the trip to the zoo and the aim of the trip in a bit more detail. ( it’ll be nice to see the pandas too!)


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