The Jewellery Show at NEC

The Spring Fair

I thought I’d tell you about my trip to Birmingham last weekend to the Spring Fair at the NEC. It is a trade show to source the hottest products , discover the latest trends and preview the new lines. I went to see part of the exhibition, the Jewellery Show.

It was an amazing experience. I’ve never seen so much jewellery in my life, enough stands to fill a few football pitches, at least 450 jewellery suppliers, designers and manufacturers. I always love looking and studying jewellery so I know whatever happened I would enjoy the time at the exhibition. I had a look at the exhibitors before hand and found out that there was a Design Quarter within the show.  This was where I would find designer-makers who were exhibiting exclusive collections and one-off pieces and I knew that this was what I wanted to concentrate on.

I wasn’t disappointed and managed to see many of the designer’s work and chat to several of them about their work and what was involved in exhibiting at the show.  Below are examples of pieces from the designers I spoke to.

Sheila Fleet  Wild Grasses

Alice Menter Chloe Collar

Bespoke by Diamensions – Tourmaline in Quartz Ring

Chavin – Large Wool Tassels – 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil

Rachel Entwhistle – Black Spider Bracelet

Babette Wasserman – Scarf Lariat

They were all so individual in style it was great to see such a variety. It was all fascinating and tempting and I wanted to buy something while I was there. I found a few stands that were selling gemstones so I spent some time selecting a few that I really liked. I hope I can use them over the next year or so on my course at DJCAD.

All in all it was a really interesting day and I when I go back another time I would like to stay for longer as the few hours I had was all too short.


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