Experiments and Research

I have been involved in more teamwork this week. This week we were given several different images to study-colour, props, mood, etc to establish the feel of the image and what it conveyed to us. We had a lively discussion around each image and I really enjoyed doing a sort of brain storm and jotted lots of descriptive words and phrases. We recognised one image which was for an old ad for Levi Jeans (how could the Laundrette be forgotten)

We established some more of the images as adverts but couldn’t be so precise about the actual brand being advertised.
During the feedback to the whole group we found out all the images were from ads. I found this surprising especially the ad for Nike. We thought the image portrayed poverty, hopelessness, sadness. Etc. but when the text “just do it” was added to the image it took on a different meaning and seemed cleverly humorous.

Part Two
We selected an image to do our research with.  This was one we had analysed earlier. We felt it had a romantic but mysterious feel, it was sophisticated and a possible clandestine affair taking place.

We found out it was for ann ad for Mink Fur so at least the team got the sophisticated part correct.  Hannah, Kristen, Stephanie an I went out and about to do our research. I felt confident asking the public if they could help for a few minutes with a piece of research ( however having other team members with me helped ) look at the image and explain what the image said to them, what did it convey. We didn’t tell them it was an advert.
Our Results
1) Male porter at the Uni, 62 years –

2) 3 male engineering students 18/19

3) Female student, 20

It was interesting to see the different answers. I was surprised that the porter guessed the add immediately. He said the fur was at the forefront of the image, it spoke luxury and the man was in the image to portray he was a man who liked the finer things in life. It was if he could read what the picture said. Perhaps as he had seen similar ads in the past for fur (since it’s not advertised now) and is unpopular now. Maybe his wisdom kicked in, maybe it brought back memories for him. It was evident He was very observant, happy to help and when we finally told him the image was an ad for A Mink Fur he seemed pleased with himself.
The three male students responses to the image were more brief: one thought it might be a perfume ad, another said something to do with bracelets and the third said romantic and closeness. They all seemed happy to help and were interested when we told them what the image was advertising and didn’t seem too surprised and in reality probably haven’t seen too many fur ads at all to make comparisons to.

The female student thought the image looked like a set up photo possibly for a fashion campaign, it gave the impression of a couple in love and a caring relationship. The student was happy to help and seemed pleased to get the main idea of the image.

It was an interesting exercise and I would have like to have found out another female opinion to balance the viewpoints. It seems that the people we spoke to were quite good at working out what images mean or maybe we asked the right people.  This was a trial for a more in-depth piece of research into images and what they mean and I’ll post the results  here next week for you to read.


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