Flocking Workshop

I attended another workshop in the Jewellery and Metalwork Department last week – Flocking.  This technique uses very small and thin coloured nylon strands and a machine that sends a static charge through the particles onto the surface of the material to be decorated. As with any equipment there are lots of safety rules to be adhered to and to take into consideration and this machine was no exception.  I certainly didn’t fancy an electric shock! Any material can be flocked and special adhesive needs to be applied to the surface. If a waterproof finish is required there is a waterproof adhesive that can be used.

Samples painted with adhesive.

Flocking onto textile with photo image.

Flocking on acrylic.

Flocking on brass piece from inside a harmonica and flocking onto silk.

Flocking inside a thimble.

Once the flocking has been applied it takes an hour or so to dry. The flocking gives a velvet appearance and feel to the samples. I enjoyed the workshop even though it was really dusty. I think the thimble was particularly successful and not one electric shock along the way!


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