I was in my comfort zone on Friday at a felt making workshop in the Jewelllery and Metalwork Department DJCAD. I have some experience of felt making using the water, soap, bubble wrap and lots of rolling and rubbing method which works well but is time-consuming.

I started off in the usual way by layering the “wool tops” fibres and some decorative threads then enclosed the fibres in a piece of polythene type material ( a piece of sheet would work too) using a tacking stitch to hold it together.Once stitched, the pouches were put into the washing machine on a 30 wash with soap powder to allow the process of felting to take place.Some more felted samples

I also learned how to make 3D felt shapes at the workshop. To create a ball I tightly packed wool tops fibre into a piece of cling film then secured it with cotton. The cling film was then pierced to allow the water to penetrate the fibres. I also used the corner of a plastic bag packed with fibres to create a triangular 3D shape. These were washed at 90 degrees to enable the felting process to take place.

Here are some of my 3D felt shapes:

I’ve cut into this one and wrapped round some very thin wire.

I enjoyed this workshop and I’m looking forward to the “Flocking” workshop this week.


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