A Windy Break and the Big Bang

I like to get away at the beginning of the year for a wee break. A break away from the house, cooking, entertaining and cleaning. This year I went to Glasgow for a couple of nights to stay in the Mercure Hotel slap bang in the centre of Glasgow on Ingram Street.

After an Italian meal of mediocre standard I went to the Odeon to see “New Year’s Eve”. The choice is limited with a 12-year-old to consider so New Year’s Eve seemed like the best choice.  It was enjoyable enough at the time as there were lots of famous actors staring including Robert DeNiro, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Heigl but the story line was poor and for me it was easily forgettable. Back in the hotel later on there was an almighty BANG. It sounded like some sort of explosion outside the hotel somewhere nearby and was really quite frightening. There were no police sirens or ambulances arriving so I thought it couldn’t be anything too terrible. The next day the weather was still really bad, really windy and heavy rain, the kind of weather that’s more than just bad for your hair! The news was reporting on events, accidents and road closures due to the storms and one of them was the Christmas Tree being blown down in George Square in Glasgow. That was Big Bang I had heard in the hotel room the night before! Thank goodness we had taken all our outside Christmas lights and decorations down before we left home.

I visited the Riverside Museum, Scotland’s Museum of Transport and Travel, located on the riverside not far from the SECC.  It’s a real land mark building designed by the international architect Zaha Hadid and is quite spectacular to see. Inside is just as great.  There is so much to see and learn. Plenty of cars from all eras, tram cars, steam engines, bikes, skateboards, motorbikes, hundreds of model ships, Glasgow underground trains, reconstructed streets of interesting shops (including a pawn shop and clothes shops) and fashions just for starters, in fact something for everyone to enjoy. I thought it was great place to visit and would like to return sometime in the future.

There’s also a cafe and a gift shop to spend your money in while visiting, otherwise the Riverside Museum is free (apart from the car parking charges).


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