New Year Memories

As New Year approaches I start to think about how New Year was when I was young and at home with my Mum and Dad. My Dad was a real lover of New Year and I remember him coming home with lots of beer and bottles of spirits. The beer and lager (McEwan’s Export and Tennant’s Lager) was kept in the bedroom as it was cold in there, (no central heating, I’m talking about the dark ages!).The lager cans had various pictures of women, a different one for each month! (was this a good marketing strategy?)

The McEwan’s was something like it is now, at least that’s how I remember it. Other drinks that were popular were Dry Martini, Sherry and Whisky. I was offered Babycham or Advocat from my Dad or if I was lucky when I was visiting or “First Footing” family and friends.  Advocat was always served with lemonade and a cherry on a cocktail stick. (These were the only alcopops around!)

Hogmanay was a busy time in my house and there was always some sort of party going on into the early hours. The first Hogmanay I was allowed to stay up till past midnight I was 12 years old. As a younger child I remember getting up on New Year’s Day and having fun opening all the “First Foot” presents that had been left by all the guests. “First Footing” took up the whole of New Year’s Day and went right into the night. I had to go out with my Mum and Dad to loads of different houses. I seem to remember living off of nothing but crisps, nuts and shortbread for about 2 days! My Dad loved to have a wee party in each house playing on his “Moothie” (Harmonica) at every opportunity. It always seemed to be good fun, everybody liked to join in singing along to the music.

I’ve not got any plans for Hogmanay this year, but as my sisters and their families live nearby I’m sure there’ll be some sort of get together….better get stocked up then…..





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