Learning to Machine Knit

I had my first real chance to try a bit of machine knitting last week. Vanessa one of my friends in textiles was kind enough to show me the how to get started. First of all we visited the wool store to select the yarn I would use. What a great place, the selection of yarn is amazing, hundreds of choices!

I chose a couple of colours of lamb’s wool.

I had to collect the bits and pieces needed to use the knitting machine then I was off to the knit room.  Vanessa demonstrated how to set up the machine and how to cast on. I managed to keep up and before long I was up and running knitting stripes, eyelets and tucks.

Knitted StripesThere were a few mistakes and dropped stitches along the way but all in all it was a good start.  I hope to be able to incorporate knitting/ textiles into my jewellery designs in the future so I’ll have to get some more knitting practice in sometime.

Thanks to Vanessa for spending time with me, such a helpful and patient teacher!


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