The Best Present

The Best Present

Over the years I’ve lots of great presents but the one that remains at the top of the list is a gift I was given in a very unusual and memorable way.

I was going on holiday, flying out of Edinburgh Airport to Portugal with my sister, niece, nephew and Mum. It was the usual carry-on queuing and waiting around in the airport except for one thing.  I had recently met someone, a male, (the week before) and he said he would meet me at the airport to see me off if he could get there in time. Obviously I was looking out for him so I could say bye to him before my tri and I told my Mum and sister the story.  This was in 1997 before the majority of people had mobile phones, so I couldn’t contact him to find out if he was on his way.

The time came when it was time to go through passport control and security but there was no sign of him anywhere.  I was a wee bit disappointed but the thought of going away on holiday took my mind off him and the fact that I was with my 5-year-old niece and her 2-year-old brother kept me fully occupied.  (Holidaying with young children is so different from going on holiday with friends!)

The time came to board the plane and say goodbye to Scotland for a whole week.  It felt good to at last get my seat on board and just wait for take-off and then for the drinks trolley to come round!  An announcement came over the tannoy, “Would Sheila Grubb (maiden name) please make herself known to the cabin crew”. I instantly thought there must be a message for me from my male friend.  The air cabin crew member came to speak to me and gave me a small package. She said she had been given it at the check-in desk by a man who had pleaded with her to give it to me with the message, “sorry to have missed you and to have a great holiday”.  I think my Mum was more excited than I was and she told the air cabin crew member that “it was from my new boyfriend!” First of all I was really surprised then embarrassed, OMG, what would the small package contain? I was told that I had to open it front of the air cabin crew (I suppose they had to check that it wasn’t a bomb!) and found a gorgeous pair of silver earrings.  I called my friend when I eventually got to the Portuguese hotel later that evening and thanked him for the lovely gift.

Fourteen years later I am still with my friend who gave me those earrings and he is now my husband.  I still wear the earrings from time to time and keep them in my jewellery box safely.  I’ve only just told our son this story and he thought it was great. My husband still surprises me with gifts, some are weird, some are unusual some really nice but the earrings is still the best present I’ve been given.

What Makes a Good Gift

Having told you my story, I think the thought behind something and the message that goes with it makes a great gift.  I like to give gifts that people will like and be able to use or treasure. I like to consider the person I am giving to and imagine what they would like rather than buy what I like.

Another thing that makes a great gift are the things that have been made especially for you. Stuff your children give you when they are young for Mother’s Day, Christmas etc. things they have made themselves are just priceless.

I also like the thought of being given or giving something such as a piece of jewellery that is an heirloom or could become an heirloom – very thought-provoking.

Christmas is coming soon and I have to say that it takes me ages to buy all my gifts.To me it’s all about giving the right thing and to find to right thing takes time. Roll on the holidays!


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