Cold Connections

In the Jewellery Workshop today the technician gave level 2 Jewellery students, (including myself) several demonstrations on riveting. Three types of rivets were shown: tube rivet, flat rivet and ball rivet.  Rivets are used to connect materials together when one or all of the materials can’t be soldered, e.g. acrylic, aluminum or resin. They can also be used for decoration or made a feature of on the piece.

An example of a beautiful Snowflake Bangle where silver rivets have been used.

Michelle Freer

Another demonstration today was: how to use the Micro Flame torch. This torch delivers a really tiny but powerful flame. It runs on a different fuel from the other torches in the workshop and is controlled by a series of gauges and dials on a control box. I was keen to try out the micro flame and quickly balled some copper wire to be used to make up my samples. The Micro Flame directs a very powerful heat in a very precise way, it can be directed very accurately onto the piece to be heated.

This short video shows the demonstration of how to use the micro flame and how to ball copper wire for rivets.

This is the demonstration on making a tube rivet.

I learned loads this morning between the demos, making up my samples and making a few mistakes along the way too.

Below are my samples which demonstrate the three forms of rivet to join materials together that can’t be soldered.

It’s important for me to try out the techniques that are demonstrated when they are fresh in my mind and I can refresh my memory at a later date by looking at my samples and watching the videos I’ve shot!

Thanks Lee for a great workshop today.


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