Team 13 – BOMB Project

The BOMB Project!

What we did

I’ve just completed The 2 day BOMB project with two others 2nd year students: Lesley Paul, Textile Design and Nicole Tenant Environmental and Interior Design. We were team # 13.

It started with a brief and two packs of A4 paper. We had two days to make something, it didn’t matter what as long as it could be made from the paper. The end design had to be photographed and saved for part of my assessment.

How we did it

The three of us started off having a quick chat about what sort of things could be made. We did a wee brain storm. We worked together in the Jewellery Studio and spent most of the morning making up as many different shapes, objects and experimenting with how they could be cut, folded, joined, attached suspended and generally manipulated. I felt we were brain storming with paper. We talked about going to the library but decided against it as we were producing lots of interesting samples from our imagination and experience so carried on without any other inspiration.

We ended up with several samples. I had been making up paper samples for my “Patterns in Nature” project, and used the A4 paper to make up an enlarged sample of one of the ideas I had been working so I could show Lesley and Nicole. It was now a case of looking at the collection of samples and through a process of elimination and a short chat with Jason Nelson (Tutor Interior and Environmental Design) we narrowed our selection down to one design that we would develop into an installation. It was the sample idea from my “Pattern s in Nature ” project that we decided to use.

The samples

We also gave some consideration to the idea of animating our installation and agreed that we would like to do this. We still needed to make final decisions about what we were going to do with the individual designs but knew it was a case of making loads of them, all of them unique as far as the combination of different elements would allow.

We used the library’s paper slicers to cut the A4 paper into a selection of strips. We decided to use up 6 different sizes of strips and cut up some paper to each size. In the studio we started to make up the individual pieces. It was fairly monotonous gluing the strips together to create the shapes for the pieces; however I find this repetitive work therapeutic, it seems to allow me to relax and my mind to wander, and I know that this is when good ideas can emerge. We were chatting about how the pieces could be joined together, what glue to use, what back ground to use, where it could be displayed, what shape would it take horizontal or vertical? We were developing our ideas in action and decision-making along the way. I knew that once we had created lots of pieces over quite a few hours we would have pretty much answered all of our own questions.

The piece was to be built up on a black background rising from the floor and climbing up a corner; we had a walk around the college and agreed on a corner space. It took some time to assemble our installation as we felt that it would be too fragile to have carried it to the site. Here’s the installation.

We managed to catch up with Jason again and continued our discussion on how we could animate the piece. It is something that we plan to do in the near future and use the photographic studio to carry it out. We carefully dismantled our piece and stored it in the meantime in the EID studio, safely I hope!


I enjoyed working on this project and meeting and working with Lesley and Nicole. I felt we all worked well together, easily agreed on decisions that had to be made and supported each other during some duller moments. I think the piece we made in the 2 days was a great success (especially as we had an assignment deadline our minds) and I think that it has potential to be made into an interesting animation partly because of the large number of individual pieces. I feel I have benefited from participating through working together in an intuitive way,experimenting with scale, identifying a suitable site and problem solving during the project. I will be able to use the images to help develop my “Patterns in Nature” project by investigating the use of multiples and the use of scale.

We have made plans to meet up to organize all the photos we took over the duration of the project for the project submission and that will be an opportunity to plan for the photographic studio animation time.


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