Crossing Disciplines

Today I attended a seminar where Teena (Jewellery couse leader), Francis (Textile course leader), Lee and.Rebecca ( course technicians), Fillipa (artist in residence), Patricia ( artist in residence), Jenny (artist in residence) and Catherine, all gave talks about their work.

They all brought along examples of sketchbooks, research work, samples and some finished pieces. It was a great opportunity to look closely at the their work and find out more about how they are inspired and how their designs are produced. As well as the jewellery on display I’m especially drawn to the knitted work. It was interesting to chat to Catherine; as well as working as artist in residence for knit, she also works for a company producing knitted swatches based on trends forecasts. The key to her current successful knitwear collection is her inspiration from gorgeous photographs of the beach and producing and testing as many samples as possible. I hope to be able to try out knit at sometime in the future and combine it within jewellery I am designing.

I’ve hopefully captured a flavour of the seminar in this short video.

It was a great seminar, very relaxed and informal. We’re lucky students to have such talented staff all around us at DJCAD. What do you think?


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