Thoughts on Knitting

Boys Knitting? An unlikely Yarn

After reading the above article/link I’ve been thinking….

I hope hand knitting is making a comeback. My dad taught me to knit a the age of five and as a child I got to do knitting at primary school while the boys got to do woodwork. I’ve only just last week had my first go at woodwork in the main workshop where I made a wooden box! It was worth waiting all those years for as I have to say I really enjoyed it!

Seems that the majority of young people can’t knit at all and I found myself showing a couple of fellow students the basics of “casting on, plain stitch, purl stitch and casting off” last week.

Hopefully the boys (and the girls too I hope) can benefit from not just the pleasure of the craft but the learning process, the problem solving, the numeracy and literacy involved in reading or designing a pattern.

Knowing what my son is like somehow I think the only way he would be interested in knitting would be if you could learn to knit on Facebook!

Mmm now there’s a thought!


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