More Material Matters

As a new second year student in Jewellery and Metalwork I’ve been attending more workshops this week to learn new metalwork skills.  There was a demonstration on how to make an acrylic die (a shape cut out of acrylic) as a mould for shaping metal. There are three ways to do this: by using a hammer, using the fly press or using the hydraulic press to form the shape from the die. The whole metalwork environment is still alien to me as I have come from a more textile art background, but I’m enjoying the challenge of getting to grips with all the equipment as well as trying out new techniques.

As well as this Teena demonstrated how to make a chasing tool that would be used in part of the whole process.  After the interesting demonstrations I got started on making my first tool.

Polishing the tool is an important part of the process. A smooth finish is needed to prevent marks being left of the piece of jewellery being made.

Polishing Demonstration

Harding Steel Demonstration

After the interesting demonstrations I made my first tool and it was quite good, even though it was a simple one.

Working With Wire

Working with wire has featured this week too and this was a really interesting workshop. A wide variety colours and thicknesses of wire were supplied together with a selection of pre-made samples to study and instruction handouts for: Drawing Wire, Twisting Wire, Making Jump Rings and Braiding Wire.  I was fascinated by learning to twist wire using an electric drill as in the past I had just twisted wire by hand and I never achieved the lovely even result that you can get by using a drill.

Twisting Wire

Now I have to get back to the workshop again soon and play with the wire to see what I can make. I hope you like the videos.


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