Mind Mapping Workshop

As I have never used Mind Maps before I was keen to find out more about them at the workshop.  The two tutors gave a short introduction and showed a video of Tony Buzan talking about mind mapping. It was disappointing that the sound on the video wasn’t loud enough to hear.

Using the rules of Mind Mapping and working in small groups we were given the task of producing a Mind Map for a film, book or television programme. My group finally decided on the theme of Scotland as we couldn’t come up with a common film, book or TV programme!

We got really involved in the process used the “rules” as far as we could and added images.  The comments we received from our peers were varied and some were useful e.g. “too messy”  (I will consider this for my next mind map) but some comments such as “big” were not helpful.

Mind Map of Scotland

I continued to work on the Tipping Point mind map with Kirsty and Eilidh. I usually work well in a group and I felt the whole process of working together gave me a bit more confidence to try the next mind map by myself.


One thought on “Mind Mapping Workshop

  1. I’ll post the video to the module website so people can hear it properly. Buzan did a documentary for the BBC a few years ago looking at how his techniques could help children who had been excluded from school. His theory was that the schools simply didn’t teach the way those children learnt. It was quite inspiring.
    “Big”… it does look rather large!

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