1st Change By Design Lecture

As a level 2 student of Craft and Design I attended my first Design Studies Lecture as part of the Change By Design module led by J Baldwin with Jo Montgomery and Kate Pickering.

It was interesting and also enjoyable.  We were introduced to thinking about how we can broaden our horizons by gathering information from different sources we hadn’t used before. These sources could be by skim reading the Guardian and a variety of publications found in the library. One of the publications that was mentioned was Wired, a technology magazine full of interesting articles and one which I know my son will love to have a look through.

The shipping forecast on Radio 4  is something else to dip into and I think I will try waking up to that instead of the local radio station to find out more!

Shipping forecast

We were also encouraged to discuss and share interesting information, news and facts with others all with the view to gaining wisdom.

The whole group was asked to arrange themselves in alphabetical order in the lecture theatre in the space of three minutes. It did occur to me to ask,”what was the purpose of it?”, but chaos took over and everyone was climbing around the lecture theatre and the moment was lost.  I noticed someone in front write down the letter P on his notebook and hold it up. I thought it was a good idea, so copied his lead. A few others did the same and before too long the chaos was calming down. I managed to sit next to others with names starting with R so felt quite pleased that I was in the right place.  Once we were all in what seemed like our correct positions we sat down. Johnathan explained that what had just taken place was a “Meme”-an idea/pattern of behaviour that spreads from person to person e.g peer. Memes are also ideas, behaviours etc. that flow from blog to blog and around Facebook pages.  Having taken part in that activity and experienced for myself I know that it something I will re-meme-ber in the future.

We were also introduced to Jo Montgomery who talked about her new company called Little Riot.  It is an interaction design business and  was launched following the design of the product – Pillow Talk.  Pillow Talk is a device that aims to connect two long distance lovers. Have a look at the video to find out more.

It is a fabulous product and I wish Jo every success with her company and business. I’ve also voted for Jo in “Smart 100” poll to help her win the £10,000 1st prize.

The Design Studies afternoon workshop in the IT suite was about creating a website and blog. It was very informative and although I already had my own WordPress blog, I’ve now had fun embedding links, images and even a video into it.  I know that I have to work on the layout etc. and get into writing but I’m sure I’ll get there some how!


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