Making Beads

I have been busy today helping Islay Spalding in her workshop making resin beads.  I had the job of sanding down the coloured resin sticks then sawing them into the small discs you can see here. It’s a dusty job sawing the resin so I wore a face mask to help protect myself from the dust.

Each disc is then sanded down again to remove the saw marks.

The next step is to make a  tiny hole in each disc using the bench drill.

I’m really concentrating as this is only my second time using this piece of machinery and I wanted to keep my fingers intact!  Safety goggles this time as there’s lots of wee bits of resin flying around.

The beads will be used to make some lovely earrings and pendants incorporating silver chain and hand crafted silver rings – check out to see her unique work.


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