Edinburgh Festival

I’ve just had a great day at The Edinburgh Festival courtesy of my friend’s husband. Due to his bad fortune on holiday – he broke his achilles tendon – and meant he couldn’t use the tickets he’d bought for himself. (he’s still struggling on crutches and I do feel sorry for him believe it or not). The rail tickets were booked and paid for too, 10.17 Dundee to Edinburgh and 21.40 return.

Our first show was at 12.45 in the venue called Udderbelly.  It was a tent shaped like a giant purple cow! We were booked to see “The Hamiltons”.  It was staged as a chat show with Neil and Christine at the hosts. A variety of Fringe acts were introduced and each did a short piece in between being offered champange by Christine and Neil.  It was all a bit nutty and mildly amusing. The Udderbelly Pasture had a range of informal bars and eateries so it was time to grab a wee refreshment in the sunshine.

Next we were off to the Grassmarket to find The Black Box Boutique. What a beautiful shop, managed by Hannah Livingstone, with lovely bespoke jewellery, prints, glass, textiles and ceramics.  Islay Spalding ( a Dundee Based Jewellery Designer and who I have been working with) has some of her designs for sale. They looked stunning against the white painted tree

branches of the display.

Our next show was in George Square at 5pm.  This whole area was bustling with audiences leaving venues and queues developing for others. Again, there were lots of eating stands to choose from but the smell of the crepes cooking made my decision easy!  We still had time to browse round the Dazzle Exhibition which just happened to be located in George Square too. The jewellery was enclosed in glass cabinets round the foyer of one of the venues. It looked like a good location as there seemed to be a stream of people walking round browsing and some trying and some buying. I recoginised a few of the designers’ work on display and admired the work of Dot Sim and ClaireHillerby.  I was tempted to buy a piece by Sue Gregor– the most gorgeous bangle – individually made using a technique Sue calls “Fossilized Plastic” where the actual fine plant details are embossed on the surface of the plastic. I can’t wait to wear it!

Bangle by Sue Gregor

It was time for Paul Daniels – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. I can’t say that I’ve really been a fan and have recollections of him being a bit smarmy but what a great show, full of laughs and very clever. The audience were good they participated well and created a great atmosphere for the show.  Debbie McGee was there too looking very glamorous as well as assisting her 73 year Paul!

The next show was at 19.40 which gave us time to have a meal and head to the Auditorium on Morrison Street. We had tickets of Ed Byrne: Crowd Pleaser.  I knew him from being on TV and hoped it would be just as good live.We were seated in the second back row but even though it was a very large auditorium the sound was still perfect.  Ed performed for an hour and told funny tales around the themes of families, babies, imigrants, religion and nerds. I enjoyed being in the theatre and the atmosphere  hundreds of people laughing created. It’s a good fun thing to do.

All in all I really enjoyed my day at the Festival and I hope to get the chance to visit again next year. I thought it was all very well organised, all the shows were on time and everyone working was more than helpful. It was nice to be surprised by what shows I went to see and even nicer that it had all the tickets had been paid for me! Thank you Ailsa and Kenny.


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