Visit to Aberdeen Degree Show

It seems that the more free time I have the less I seem to do! I’m not sure why that is but maybe I’m a bit lazy. I’ve still got builders in my house working on the extension and it’s coming on nicely. The walls are being plastered as I type so hopefully we’ll get on with some painting at the weekend.

I’ve not been totally lazy, I’ve been making some bits and pieces but they’re still to be completed. I’m looking for one Mother of Pearl button (one and a half cm) to finish off some cuffs and a nice big button for a felt bag……watch this space. I’ve been on a pattern cutting course and made a great pair of trousers that fit! I ‘ll need to make some more before I forget what to do.

As part of my summer project I’ve been asked to visit the Art College Degree Shows. Last week my niece and I went up to Aberdeen to see what they had been up to. We both wanted to see the 3D Designs, Textiles and Fashion Departments.

Below are some of the pieces that caught my eye!

Metal and Ceramics by Nicola Walster

Seeing the Invisible by SuZie Guthrie

Textiles & Surface Design by Ingrid Stout

Textiles & Surface Design by Steph Reid

3D Design by Kelly McAllister

The 3D Designs Department was a real mixture of pieces including textiles, ceramics, metalwork, galsswork and jewellery. It was all really interesting to view and I like to take my time to study the peices in detail, look through sketchbooks ( there weren’t too many on display) and read how the students have been inspired to make their collections. Luckily so does my niece likes taking her time too so we were both happy!

I thought it was interesting that Textiles and Fashion departments had used empty shop units in the Academy Centre in Aberdeen to display their work. The textile display was just like walking round a real shop selling lots of great fabrics, accessroies, interiors and artefacts, it was a pleasure to see. The fashion was well laid out too as there were manequins displaying the collections and rails filled with lots more designs and gave the feel of a fashion show about to commence.

All in all we enjoyed our day in Aberdeen. I just to get down to some sketchbook work now for my project.


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