It has been an interesting two weeks at Art College. I have been in a Jewellery Design class and we were looking at working on a lighting design.
For inspiration I thought about the patterns light makes when it is shining on water. I already had some photos from my holiday in Turkey of the sunset. I also took lots of photos at Broughty Ferry of the sun (yes it was sunny one day believe it or not!) shining on the Tay.

Some material samples.
I played with lots of different materials during the two weeks. These two above are the ones that I have taken through to my finished piece.

One of my design developments. The orange you can just see at the back ( it’s not too clear on the photos) is the sunset photo printed onto acetate. If it was a free standing piece You’d be able to see all round the design

This is my final design for lighting. I’ve put some LED lights inside jsut to show the lighting design and its effect.


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