A Few Bits from Semester One

Colour and The Word

We were given a letter of the alphabet and had to choose a word then interpret it in colour in some way.
That was a cha
llenge but looking back it was fun. I chose “Kitchen” as my word and made up a “Kitchen Scrap Book” using colours, shapes, recipes and designs from the 50’s. There are about 8 pages in the book but I’ve just copied a couple and the finished book with the miniature wire kitchen utensils attached.

Self Portrait Christmas Project

I didn’t realise that doing a self portrait was so difficult! Obtaining a likeness to me or what I think I look like seems to be almost impossible for me to achieve.

After lots of sketching looking in a mirror, trial and error with a variety of materials and serveral “aliens” produced I am quite pleased with my illustrative self portrait. I used water colours, ink and stitch. (The camera flash has caught the black of the hair so apologies for the photography)

I ‘ve to hand this in the first day back. I don’t feel particulary confident about it but I’m Art School to learn and I feel I’ve learned a lot working on my self portrait project so that has to be good!

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