Imprints,memories and connections from people and places

My final project began by having an interest in vintage objects that could be tucked away in a drawer, hidden from sight. It has taken me on a further journey researching what women value about their dressing table or their personal space, what it says about the personality and what treasured objects are hidden in the drawers and boxes.

The jewellery and keepsakes are like a diary, they tell a story about a place, a time and people.  They can give confidence when worn, bring back memories and hold certain connections. These are imprinted on our lives, some stories are faded and fragmented and some are clear and easily remembered. From all of this research I have been inspired by the women’s conversations, stories and treasured objects.

These collages are a few of my developments for my jewellery pieces.

IMG_4273IMG_4272IMG_4388IMG_4485I have been focussing on the imprints people leave and memories we hold from objects that we keep.

I’m starting to work in combining metal and fabrics.

These are some more developments, a sample pieces.IMG_4406IMG_4434Brooch sample4

IMG_4426IMG_4519I’m working towards my final assessment and Degree Show in May.  I hope to post a few more images of my work again soon.

More Collars


Collars seem to be in at the moment. Chrissie Hynde was photographed wearing a detachable collar at Q Awards last week. Not one of mine though,

I’ve been doing more work on vintage collars and made up decorative collar studs from aluminium and silver.




I have printed onto this white detachable collar and free machined stitched over it. The blue aluminium and silver stud adds a touch of femininity and uniqueness. I’ve turned it up side down as it was as originally it was a winged collar.
I’m still working on the laser cut collar and how to finish it off and I’ll post it her when it’s done.


IMG_4046I have been working on some snowflake designs for our Christmas Sale at Duncan of Jordanstone.

IMG_4025This is my enamelled photo etched snowflake which is going to be added to a charm bracelet. The bracelet is winter themed and will have 6 silver winter charms on it.

IMG_4070After saw piercing, filing and sanding I have oxidised the design so the pattern can be seen clearly.IMG_4076

I’ve bought some lovely semi precious beads, aquamarine, moonstone and labradorite to use for snowflake pendents and bracelets. I think the subtle colours will complement the silver well.

The Christmas sale is from the 2nd – 6th December in Duncan of Jordanstone, Perth Road Dundee.They’ll be lots of beautiful hand-made jewellery designs for sale and chance to win a silver charm bracelet.